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Project Management

Management of Projects

Project management has existed for approximately 60 years. Its’ roots are in the military industry.

Traditionally, hierarchical connections to line organizations and projects considerations as an operational instrument resulted in project managers being viewed as mere implementation authorities. This is still the case today.

Our Frontline Management System

Our company is exclusively project-oriented and utilizes the advantages of our customer focus and personal networks. We support our customers and partners and collectively deal with project orders. The goal is to compile as heterogeneous a project team as possible. The team should be able to view and manage the project order from various angles.

How to contact us

Promtec Industriemontage GmbH
Neue Straße 14
14482 Potsdam
Telephone: +49 (331) 235 39 077
Fax: +49 (331) 235 49 080

Job OffersIndustrial Mechanics / Mechatronic Technicians (m/f)
for the installation of machinery and facilities for Special Engineering in Germany, Europe and overseas on a permanent / freelance basis

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